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Vegetable Nutrition

vegetable nutrition Vegetable nutrition is an essential part of our daily diet. Love vegetables or hate them we need them for good health. Even the Egyptians and Romans cultivated artichokes, radishes, beans, onions and garlic.

We are so lucky today because no matter where in the world we live or where a vegetable is grown, we can walk into any supermarket and buy it - whatever time of the year it is.

We all know we should be eating 5-a-day but when it comes to the reality, how many of us actually do? Yet it's so easy - if we include juices and smoothies to our diet every day.

Give our "Secret Spell" a try, it will magnetise your taste buds.

Lose weight - Juices and smoothies are not only good for us but they are a great way and a delicious way to lose weight. By replacing a juice with a meal you will see the difference it makes not only to your weight but to your health and energy levels. Vegetable juices are so low in calories you can drink as much as you like. They can be drunk safely by most people even diabetics.

Dieticians will all agree that vegetable nutrition is one of the key elements to good health. They contain so many vitamins which help protect our bodies and fight off disease.

Vitamins and minerals - Always eat/juice fresh vegetables as like fruit they are brimming over with our main source of vitamin C, B, A, and E. They also contain calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium.

Cooking or juicing? - By cooking, you are killing or disabling some of the vital ingredients inside plants which is one of the reasons why juicing is so good because we can use and enjoy raw vegetables the way they were made to be eaten. Another good reason to juice is that we use the whole fruit. When we peel plants we are unnecessarily removing vegetable nutrition.

Not keen on veg? - Juicing is a great way to eat vegetables, especially if you are not keen on them. This web-site has some delicious vegetable juices which you can try. By juicing you will be able to digest all the vital vitamins and minerals to retain good health. But, and there's always a but, to anything pleasurable, we must also include the whole vegetable plant in our diet to acquire fibre which is so important to good digestion and also protects us from diseases such as cancer.

Store veg - Limp vegetables are dying and have lost a lot of the goodness of the living vegetable. Buy fresh organic if you can and store them in a cool dark place as sunlight and heat will cause your vegetables to go stale.

Favorite Soup Recipes
soup recipes including soup stocks, tips, suggestions and related articles. Great soup recipes like lobster bisque and cream soups, plus many other soups.
Vegetable potassium magnesium iron zinc calcium vit C
Alfalfa, sprouted   26mg 9mg 0.32mg 0.3mg 11mg 2.7mg
Artichoke             343mg 50mg 0.73mg 0.48mg 25mg 8.9mg
Asparagus            202mg 13mg 0.82mg 0.54mg 21mg 6.9mg
Beetroot              259mg 20mg 0.67mg 0.3mg 14mg 3.1mg
Broccoli               229mg 16mg 0.52mg 0.35 31mg 50.6mg
Brussels Sprouts  495mg 31mg 1.87mg 0.51mg 56mg 96.7mg
Butternut squash   582mg 58mg 1.23mg 0.27mg 84mg 31mg
Cabbage              147mg 11mg 0.13mg 0.15mg 36mg 28.1mg
Carrots                183mg 8mg 0.27mg 0.3mg 23mg 2.8mg
Cauliflower          88mg 6mg 0.2mg 0.11mg 10mg 27.5mg
Celery                  426mg 18mg 0.63mg 0.21mg 63mg 9.2mg
Cucumber 76mg 7mg 0.15mg 0.1mg 8mg 1.5mg
Green Pepper      130mg 7gm 0.25mg 0.1mg 7mg 59.5mg
Onions                100gm 7gm 0.14mg 0.13mg 13gm 3.1mg
Parsnip                573mg 45mg 0.9mg 0.41mg 58mg 20.3mg
Pumpkin              564mg 0.218mg 1.4mg 0.56mg 37mg 11.5mg
Radish 135mg 6mg 0.2mg 0.16mg 43mg 8.1mg
Spinach 167mg 24mg 0.81mg 0.16mg 30mg 8.4mg
Turnip 276mg 14mg 0.28mg 0.19mg 51mg 24.5mg

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