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Pomegranate Benefits

The ancient Egyptians knew about pomegranate benefits although antioxidants for skin would still be a mystery: probably Cleopatra herself used pomegranates in her skin routine although there is no documentation to say so.

Today we know that it doesn't matter if you eat, drink or apply pomegranates to the skin, because it has amazing health benefits. One of the amazing facts about pomegranate benefits for skin are antioxidants. Pomegranates are just brimming full of antioxidants. So what are antioxidants?

Antioxidants help prevent damage done to your body (inside and out) by free radicals.

Free radicals are electrons which as the name says are free to travel and attach themselves to cells where they cause damage such as premature ageing. pomegranate benefits Antioxidants reduce this from happening. We can give your body a helping hand by having food full of antioxidants, which is one big reason that pomegranate benefits are so important for your skin.

The pomegranates are also amazing at thinning your blood and can help your blood to flow freely to your heart. This helps your arteries to not clog up and can help with high levels of cholesterol and help your heart to function better. Although they cannot cure you if you have a serious health condition they can help you to feel better and will help your body to fight the disease or condition.

Eating any type of fruit and vegetable can make your life better but when you eat super fruits that are high in antioxidants you are helping to keep your body healthier.

Pomegranate benefits for skin work best when preventing anti aging and damage done to our skin through the sun.

Get a double dose of antioxidants by drinking a cup of pomemgranate juice every day and apply a pomegranate face mask.

To make a mask simply scoop out the pomegrante seeds and either apply straight onto your skin or mix with porridge oats to make a thicker, more manageable paste before applying to your skin. Leave for at least 20 minutes (the longer the better) before rinsing off with warm water.

The above facial mask can be used on all skin types especialy acne damaged skin.

Juicing Pomegranates

The best way to juice pomegranates is to use a blender. Using a juicer you will not get much juice, however by blending and then sieving the juice you not only get more juice you get better tasting juice.
  • Take 5 pomegranates and cut of the thin skin from one end. Then cut the fruit into segments like an orange.
  • Now bend back the segment and using your fingers pull out the seeds and place in a bowl.
  • Now separate the pith from the seeds as the pith is not required.
So go on - try some of those antioxidants with the amazing pomegranate benefits for skin and watch out for the wonderful results.
This is a website I highly recommend for further information on antioxidants

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