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Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Maintain your ideal weight by drinking fresh juice at lunch time instead of your regular lunch

It can be hard to maintain your ideal weight and equally very frustrating if you have lost a lot of weight and then you find your weight yo-yoing back and forward because you are

snacking on the wrong foods
snacking too often
eating big portion meals
eating unhealthy foods such as fries
too busy to think about what you are eating
showing no will power
feeling depressed or bored so you are eating comfort foods
sitting at a desk all day and not getting enough exercise.

You deserve to be healthy and being overweight can affect your health, your energy levels and your self esteem, so it's really important to maintain your ideal weight. But what if you're like me and so many others that you have a love affair with tasty food which usually means fattening food or comfort foods.

The idea of eating a rice cake or a raw carrot can have little to no appeal. Actually I like eating raw carrots especially with brown sauce and I have found that there are plenty different flavoured rice cakes nowadays that they are not as boring as they used to be. You just have to be more imaginative in what you eat.

So what is the answer to maintaining your ideal weight?

The answer lies within our choices of food. Many people are so busy nowadays that they are more than happy to grab and run with food. Grab a burger, grab a sandwich, grab a hot dog, etc Pre packed ready made foods are usually high in calories, high in fat and high in salt : everything we want to avoid to maintain weight and health. Fresh juice is an excellent choice for both weight and health.

You will be delighted to know there is a formula for losing and maintaining your weight.
Here it is :

too many calories for your body + too little exercise = weight gain

just the right calories for your body + just enough exercise = weight stays the same

too few calories for your body + too much exercise = loss of weight

Now you know the secret of how simple it is!! Yes I joke!

One imaginative way you can maintain your weight and enjoy your food is by juicing. Take a smoothie or a glass of juice to work with you.

It's healthy, it's filling, and depending on the juice or smoothies it can have from 200 - 450 calories in the glass which is just about right for your lunch.

This is an easy and enjoyable way which you can keep healthy while maintaining your ideal weight.

All you have to do is remember to make your juice last thing at night or first thing in the morning: pour it into a bottle or container and pop it into your brief case or hand bag. What could be easier? Replacing your lunch with juice will only help you as long as you are eating the right kind of foods at other times of the day.

There is no point in eating a healthy 400 calories at lunch and then destroying your good work by over-doing the calories at other meal times.

So go on, enjoy your lunch without feeling guilty.

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