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Juicing Tips

Some of the best juicing tips so that you can gain the maximum enjoyment from your juices.

Never forgot why you are juicing - to taste the delicious flavours of fresh fruit juice - nothing can compare.

Tip 1 - Keep your juicer handy
Keep your juicer handy so it does not become a chore to get it out of the cupboard and assemble it. It makes life so much easier if you can just plug it in!

Tip 2 - Fresh is best
Bruised and old fruit and veg will only give you second class juice, use fresh for the best taste. Using organic fruit and vegetables are even better as you can be confident you are not drinking any chemicals with your juice.

Tip 3 - Weight watching
This is one of the more important juicing tips if you are watching your weight. When choosing your fruit and vegetables keep in mind some can be high in calories and sugar. Use your juice as part of a calorie controlled diet and replace your breakfast or lunch with juice.

Tip 4 - Mix your juices
Don’t be frightened to try out different combinations of juices, some can be delicious. When I started to juice I would be boring and make orange juice or apple juice. One day I mixed apple and carrot juice together and WOW did I enjoy it.

Tip 5 - Drink immediately
Drink your juices immediately as the enzymes in fruit and veg will die very quickly after juicing. Juice can be stored in the refrigerator but store it in a airtight container and never for more than 24 hours. On occasions I have just popped a glass of juice into the fridge but even after a short time the appearance of the juice looks horrid as it begins to separate.

Tip 6 - Use the blender
Some softer fruits such as avocados and bananas are too soft to be put into a juicer but these fruits can be liquidised using a blender and then mixed with other fruit juices.

Tip 7 - Don’t break your juicer machine
Remember to remove stones and larger pips that may choke or break your juicer machine.

Tip 8 - Sweetness
Included in our juicing tips is the tip on sweetness. If your juices are just not sweet enough for your taste, don’t go adding sugar but instead add some organic runny honey.

Tip 9 - Children and juicing
When serving fresh juice to young children dilute it a little with water or sparkling water, as pure juice can be too strong for their young digestive systems. Give them a banana smoothie as a snack to give them that extra bit of energy to get them through to the next meal. It is so much better for little taste buds than a fizzy drink full of additives.

Tip 10 - Clean up afterwards
Juicing tips wouldn’t be complete without this one. Put all the dirty pieces of the juicer machine into the dishwasher if you can, as this makes life so much easier. If you don’t have a dishwasher, clean immediately; otherwise it will be a chore which involves a lot of scrubbing.

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