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Buying the best citrus juicer for your needs can be a nightmare with so many good machines on the market, but it's an investment I am sure you won't regret if you love oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes.

You just can't beat drinking freshly made fruit juice first thing in the morning.

Can you think of a better way to start the day?

What is a citrus juicer? Its quite simply a device to extract the juice from citrus fruit such as oranges or grapefruits.

best citrus juicer

Amco Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer
You can purchase manual or electric citrus juicers.

The Best Citrus Juicer - Manual

If you only juice once in a while and perhaps only use a little lemon juice or orange juice for baking purposes then the manual juicer is for you.

An inexpensive kitchen item which can either look like a cone or two handles.

The cone model works by pressing half an orange onto the cone and moving the orange about until all the juice is extracted.

best citrus juicer

Progressive International Citrus Juicer
A manual one can be bought for under $10 and can prove to be very efficient, not a lot of work but much slower than an electric juicer.

The handle model works by placing the orange in between the handles and squeezing out the juice.

If you are not careful the juice can fly all over the place.

The manual type is not recommended with anyone with wrist problems.

Buy the one you are most comfortable with and will fit into your kitchen drawer when not in use.

The Best Citrus Juicer - Electric

I own a small electric Black and Decker Citrus Juicer : a purchase I have never regretted even for one minute.
best citrus juicer

Black & Decker CJ525 CitrusMate Plus Citrus Juicer

Relatively inexpensive at around $20. it's small enough to fit into a tiny cupboard and very light, so even an elderly or disabled person would have no trouble lifting it. Some kitchen gadgets can be noisy when you switch them on but the citrus juicer is not one of them.

To use an electric juicer first of all slice an orange in half using a sharp knife. Take one half of the orange and place in the cone and press the handle down.

Some models will juice the peel too and this gives a much creamier looking juice.

On some of the simpler juicers you may have to press the half orange down onto the cone and keep it down before the juicer jumps into action. This sort can tire the wrists out.

best citrus juicer

Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press
All that is left to do now is pour the juice into a glass to drink.

Most people would choose fresh juice over shop juice for its nutritional value, however there really is nothing tastier or more refreshing than freshly squeezed orange juice.

Drink it at breakfast, lunch or with your dinner. Full of vitamin C which helps fight infection and with the absorption of iron. What more could a body ask for?

If you want to juice other fruit and vegetables then the citrus juicer is not for you.

There are lots of good juicers on the market.

Choose the best citrus juicer to suits you and your family's needs.

Choose a juicer in your own price range so you get the juicer which will work best for your needs.

raw juicing

Raw Juices Can Save Your Life!: An A-Z Guide to Juicing
Some of the things to think about when buying the best citrus juicer are :
  • do you want to juice every morning?
  • do you have storage for a large machine or would a smaller one be better?
  • is it light enough to lift easily?
  • how easy is it to wash and will it go into the dishwasher?
  • what do you want to juice most of?
  • Some juicers do better with oranges, limes and lemons and others with grapefrui, so do you want a spout pouring juicer or a jug pouring juicer?

Why do you love your citrus juicer?

Share your thoughts with others. Why you enjoy using your citrus juicer or share your thoughts on why you don't like your citrus juicer. Make the choice easier for buyers.

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