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The Benefits of Eating Honey

The benefits of eating honey have been known since Egyptian and Roman times.

The Egyptians prized honey so much only the rich and powerful could afford it. Often honey would be offered up to the gods as a valuable gift. The poor in society had to make do with fruit juice and dates to sweeten foods – although that was not much of a hardship!

Because honey is between 75% and 80% sugar benefits of eating honey it’s high in energy. Unlike sugar which gives you a burst of energy as soon as its eaten, honey is a much slower burner and will keep you going longer. This is the reason that lots of athletes like honey. Of course most of us like honey because it tastes delicious and at 15 calories a teaspoon we can afford to eat it without too much guilt.

Babies and honey

Children under one should not be given honey as there is a spore in the honey which can grow in an under developed bowel, causing botulism.

There is no problem with older children and adults as they are able to deal with the spores.


The enzymes found in honey help with the digestion of sugar and starch. If you want to know more about enzymes, click here to go our enzyme page.

The Benefits of Eating Honey


One of the most important benefits of eating honey is the healing qualities. Honey has little water in it so bacteria cannot thrive. It also has enzymes which are antibacterial which help sterilize and cleanse wounds allowing them to heal. These qualities make honey ideal for helping coughs, constipation and infection and much more.


Mix two teaspoonfuls of honey with warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Lots of people swear by this method for constipation.

Coughs and sore throats

My Dad was a doctor and he swore by honey for a sore throat. Swallow two teaspoons of honey slowly. The honey not only soothes your cough or sore throat but will kill bacteria and fungus which may be causing it.


Honey releases the sugar slowly into the body and there is no effort to digest, therefore it makes a good sedative.


A great remedy for indigestion is two tablespoons of honey with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder taken before eating. This is also a great home remedy for relieving wind.

Enjoy the benefits of eating honey with our smoothies.

Strawberry Smoothie

  • 1 punnet strawberries with the leaves removed
  • 240ml of skimmed milk
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 570ml vanilla yogurt
Put all the ingredients into a blender and smoothe for a minute. Enjoy with ice.

Egyptian Smoothie

It’s possible that Cleopatra enjoyed this smoothie using orange juice, dates and honey.
  • 2 pots of vanilla yogurt
  • 2 dates
  • 2 bananas
  • 570ml fresh orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
Put the above into the blender and smoothe for a minute. Drink in a tall glass with ice and enjoy all the benefits of eating honey.

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