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Jennifer and Emma

This is me with my gorgeous little granddaughter, Emma
Hi my name is Jennifer and throughout my life I have been interested in health issues and am a great believer in prevention being so much better than cure.

Eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables goes a long way to preventing disease - but not many of us eat enough of them.

It was with this thought in mind that I built this website. What better way to encourage people than through juicer recipes? Even someone who hates green vegetables can be coaxed to drink a delicious fresh juice. I truly believe that most diseases can be prevented, treated, and, on some occasions, even cured - by eating lots of fresh fruit and veg daily.

I first started juicing using a citrus juicer and was amazed at just how nice a glass of fresh orange juice was. It wasn't long afterwards that a Centrifugal Juicer came into our house, closely followed by a blender and a whole new world of juicing opened up. Since starting juicing my family have all remarked on how much more energy they all seem to have.

How we managed before this : I have no idea!

Previous to building this site I had already develped a website on beauty recipes, using 'SBI' - so I knew their formula worked and when you find a winning formula you stick with it.

I really love working on my website and the contact with visitors by email. When I started I didn't know anything about HTML codes but it didn't matter because SBI do it all for you. There is loads of support from the SBI forum. If there is something I am not sure about, I go to the forum and ask. There is a real community feeling from other members. It really is so easy, anyone can build a website on their own passions.

SBI is not a get rich quick method but rather a method of slowly building a business which will have strong foundations and will in time bring in a steady stream of income for you. Like all things worthwhile you have to have a real desire to work at it to be successful.

If you are interested then take a look at the video link below, and if you decide this is the way forward for you, please realise that I am only an email away to help and support you, especially in the early days.

The best things in life are not free and whoever said that didn't know about SBI! SBI! is the program I used to create this website. It's a great company and a great product. However, some people have decided to cause trouble and create a Google bomb about SBI!. It's called the SBI Scam. <==If you follow this link, you will discover what occurred and why and how this could happen to anyone. It is a very interesting read.

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