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Free Juicer Recipes

Our Free Juicer Recipes can really help give you a healthier lifestyle and the extra energy you need to get you through the day.

There can be nothing nicer than waking up to a juicer recipe prepared with fresh fruit and vegetables bursting with vitamins and mineral to kick start you and your metabolism into the day. First thing in the morning is a time when your body is refreshed, the last thing it needs is a dose of caffeine: there is plenty of time for that later on in the day. Make your juicer recipes the alarm clock which wakes you up, gently shooting energizing rays into your body.

However, it would be madness to think morning is the only time to indulge in juicing. Fruit and vegetable juice is made for drinking at any time of day. Lunch time is a perfect time to stop and make a juicer recipe. So much healthier than a stodgy sandwich and just enough to stop those hunger pangs. After a hard day's work try relaxing with a delicious juice recipe making it a blissful way to end the day.

Nowadays we are told to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. Drinking juice is an easy way to do this because often we are just too lazy to munch or maybe you just don’t like fruit and veg. Sports men and women may not have the time to eat, so making a glass of juice is the perfect alternative to give them the nutrition and energy for the high demands made on their bodies at the same time as hydrating.

juice The Benefit of making our free juicer recipes :
  • cleanse your body of toxins
  • give you extra energy
  • help you lose weight

Freshness is everything when it comes to juicing. Use fresh organic fruit and vegetables as they are not exposed to chemicals, and wash them well before using. Drink juices shortly after they are made. When juices are exposed to the air they begin to decay and become less nutrient. Drinks should be stored in a cold place such as the fridge for no longer than two to three days. Add some lemon juice to stop discoloration.

If you are giving young children fresh juice, it is best to dilute it, as pure juice is very strong and children may not enjoy the taste. Dilute with water or, for a special occasion, fizzy juice. Alternatively, try adding a little fruit juice to yoghurt or milk for a really yummy taste.

Buying a juicer is a big decision. It’s a minefield out there, with different prices, different models.

What juicing method are available:
  • Centrifugal juicers
  • Masticating juicers
  • Press Juicers
  • Blenders
To make that decision easier for someone new to juicing, we ask our expert juicers - “that’s you” - to write in your juicer reviews. You know what makes your juicer the best or on the other hand maybe it just doesn’t hit the mark! Maybe you made a mistake by buying a juicer which fails to do the job - or does your juicer do everything you dreamt it could. It makes all the difference to have knowledge about a product you are about to buy and you, our readers, can help. Write a review about your juicer and receive our free juicer recipes.

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"Juicer recipes and smoothies for energy, nutrition and good health"

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